Svelte Easyroute Ssr Template

A simple Svelte application with Svelte Easyroute and SSR

Svelte Easyroute: SSR template

This is a project template for Svelte Easyroute with SSR.

You need to have Node.js installed.

Get started

Install the dependencies

cd svelte-easyroute-ssr-template
npm install

If you want to try SSR right now, execute npm run build first, and then npm run start:ssr.

package.json scripts

  • build - build both server-side and client-side app
  • dev - run client-side app in development mode (hot-reload, etc.)
  • start - run "sirv" for build client-side app (without SSR)
  • start:ssr - run Express.js server with SSR

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