Full Stack Starter Svelte Express App

A starting place for a full stack app with Svelte and an application server using Express

Full Stack Starter - Svelte and Express

Looking for a shareable component template? Go here --> sveltejs/component-template

Svelte app

This is a project template for Svelte apps. It lives at https://github.com/sveltejs/template.

To create a new project based on this template using degit:

npx degit sveltejs/template svelte-app
cd svelte-app

Note that you will need to have Node.js installed.

Navigate to localhost:5000. You should see your app running. Edit a component file in src, save it, and reload the page to see your changes.

Express app

This app uses Node and Express as the backend. To start the backend run:

yarn start

Full Stack Startup

To develop the frontend and the backend together run the following:

yarn dev

To create an optimized and minified production bundle, run this:

yarn build

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