Svelte Mutable Stores

A Svelte preprocessor that replaces store mutable assignments with immer updates

Svelte Mutable Stores

A Svelte preprocessor that transforms mutable store assignments into immutable assignments so you can use:

$ = "John";

instead of:

$store = { ...$store, user: { ...$store.user, name: "John" } };

in your Svelte components with the <svelte:options immutable={true} /> option.

How it works

It transforms store assignments that contain a property in store.update() calls that use the produce function from immer:

// Turns
$store.prop = x;
// Into
  produce(($store) => {
    $store.prop = x;

It also includes the immer import at the top of the code:

import { produce } from "immer";


Install it using your favorite package manager tool:

npm install -D svelte-mutable-stores

Then, add it to your svelte.config.js file, located at the project root.

import mutableStores from "svelte-mutable-stores";

const config = {
  preprocess: [
    // Other preprocessors...

export default config;


Pull requests are encouraged and always welcome.

Development Requirements

Use Node 16 and NPM 7.


git clone
cd svelte-mutable-stores
npm install

Running Tests

We use Jest. Just run:

npm run test

To watch for changes and continually test the package, run:

npm run test:watch

If you need to debug the code, run:

npm run test:inspect

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