Svelte Dotnet App

Template repo for .NET6 backend + svelte frontend


This template will not be maintained any more. It is succeeded by it's vite based sibling at

svelte-dotnet app template

This is what I personally derived from a lot of sources as my starter for dotnet+svelte apps

Consists of the default svelte app template and a preconfigured dotnet project, along with a matching rollup config to run.


To use, manually clone/degit this repo (or click "Use Template"), or degit:

npx degit <new-folder-name>

Then, run npm install and npm run dev

How to re-create this template

npx degit sveltejs/template <DIR>
cd <DIR>
dotnet new web --no-https
mv src svelte-app
mv public wwwroot

Then follow the steps here to fix rollup.config.js and Startup.cs

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