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CD shop management system. Svelte for the frontend, node & express for the backend, graphql API with MySQL database.


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Project Description:

A CDs management system for the online shop admin to add, update, delete, view, and search CDs which are stored in MySQL. Using Svelte as the frontend, node and express as the backend, GraphQL API, and MySQL as the database. GraphQL query and mutation operations are used to perform CRUD operations on the data. Data are validated in both frontend and backend before storing to database.

Project technologies:

  • Build the frontend with Svelte.
  • Build the backend with Express.
  • Build the APIs with GraphQL.
  • Store the data in MySQL database.
  • Use Joi labrary for validation.
  • Use sveltestrap and bootstrap for responsiveness.
  • Use DBeaver to manage the database.

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