Not like jQuery. A GraphQL Fetcher & Cache for Svelte Kit


Not like jQuery. The easiest GraphQL Client for Svelte Kit

A different thinking approach to GraphQL and Svelte with built in dev tools and a store first mentality.

  • Automatic Type Generation
  • Automatic store creation
  • Full SSR Support with ease
  • Focus on simplicity
  • Often imitated never duplicated

Just write .graphql and go

For all docs and usage see:

<script context="module" lang="ts">
    // The generated function that fetches and caches
    import { getCurrentUser, currenUser } from './';
    // data available for ssr
    // correctly ts typed and all
    // $: console.log($currentUser.user) //data available for ssr

    export async function load({ fetch }) {
        // Runs the cache/fetch function populating $gCache before use.
        await getCurrentUser({
            variables: { limit: 0 },
        return {};

<p>Current user: {$currentUser.user._id}</p>

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