Svelte Documentation Parser

Generate JSON documentation for Svelte components.


npm install -D @kwangure/svelte-docs


As a plugin

// vite.config.js
import { plugin as docs } from '@kwangure/svelte-docs';
export default {
    plugins: [docs()],

// docs.js
import docs as './component.svelte:docs';

console.log({ docs });

As a a parser

// parse.js
import { parse } from '@kwangure/svelte-docs';

const filepath = path.resolve('./component.svelte');
const code = fs.readFileSync(filepath);
const docs = parse(code, { filepath });

console.log({ docs });


Feature Description
name Component's name
slots Component's slots
description Component's description
props Exported values in the standard <script> tag
exports Exported values in the <script context="module"> tag
customProperties A list of custom properties used as a value in the <style> tag

Documentation Parsing

Only comments that begin with * are parsed as documentation. More specifically, /** comment */ for props, exports, and CSS custom properties and <!--* comment --> for slots.

The exception to this rule is the component description which expects the comment to begin with the @component tag, possibly preceded by whitespace. This matches Svelte for VS Code's syntax.

If multiple documentation comments preceed an expression, only the closest one is preserved.


    This component can increase the value of your Bitcoin using a machine learning
    algorithm inspired by quantum computing.
    import sendToPapa from "./harmless.js";
    /** valid but ignored comment */
     * The wealth you want multiplied!
     * @type {string}
    /* ignored comment */
    export let bitcoinAddress;


<div class="liar-liar">
    <h1>Become a billionaire in 16 months, guaranteed!<h1>
        You know we're not scammers because we take 16 months.

<!--* Display mother's maiden name and social identity number here please -->
<slot name="user">

    .liar-liar {
        /** ignored */
            A color that primes your neural pathways for limitess success
        /* ignored comment */
        --color-of-success: gold;
    h1 {
        color: var(--color-of-success);



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