Sveltekit Metawrite

Everything you need to build a SvelteKit project powered with Appwrite backend, starter powered by Increasio.


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SvelteKit Metawrite Starter Template

Everything you need to build a SvelteKit project powered with Appwrite backend, starter powered by Increasio.

Important to mention

We'll update this starter template once we fix issue with installing metawrite package using npm install metawrite. But with this template it's easy to get latest version of our metawrite package because we still use npm.

Before developing install the metawrite package.

npm run metawrite

Keep in mind

  • If you have to package your own lib source the you can rename existing package folder or use another output directory for svelte-kit package.
  • Also, if you're not using Docker or any CI/CD, custom workflows for deployment, then consider removing package folder from .gitignore file and run npm run metawrite before commiting or deployment.


Once you've installed Metawrite with npm run metawrite and installed other dependencies with npm install (or pnpm or yarn), start a development server:

npm run dev

# or start the server and open the app in a new browser tab
npm run dev -- --open


To create a production version of your app:

npm run build

You can preview the production build with npm run preview.

Building with Docker

If you need build command:

docker-compose up --build

This is a good option for deployment, because starter template has all required configs to automatically install newest version of metawrite, all dependencies and start SSR server using Node.

Appwrite and SvelteKit Combo

You can add this template to your Appwrite Server configuration by pasting following on top of your Appwrite's docker-compose.yml services:

    image: koodeau/sveltekit-metawrite
    container_name: frontend
    restart: unless-stopped
    env_file: .env
    #   Add more env variables here
      - ./app:/srv/frontend
      - "3000:3000"

And add following to your Appwrite's .env file:


Don't forget to change values to match your server configuration.

To deploy your app if you're not using Docker, you may need to install another adapter for your target environment.

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