Sveltekit Shopify Ecommerce

SvelteKit / Shopify Storefront Starter template

This template provides a bare minimun starter for the new Shopify Storefront API built with SvelteKit

Available features:

  • Get products - Fetch and products from your Storefront API.
  • Product details page - Show a detailed product page for each listed product.
  • Variants - Show product variants and allow users to select them.
  • Cart - Add items to the cart and see a summary in the cart page.
  • Remove items from cart

Getting started

1. Install and run SvelteKit with the commands below:

npm init svelte@next sveltekit-shopify-demo
cd sveltekit-shopify-demo
npm install
npm run dev -- --open

2. Clone the project

git clone


Just ...

And that's it!


This project is hosted on Netlify and available here for preview

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