Svelte Eslint Prettier Error

Simple repo to help reproduce the issues setting up eslint-plugin-svelte3 and eslint-plugin-prettier.

Project aiming to help reproduce the errors when setting up ESLint + Prettier with Svelte 3.

Plugins used:

  • eslint-plugin-prettier
  • eslint-plugin-svelte3
  • prettier-plugin-svelte

To run (first, run npm install):

npm run dev

Then follow the link in terminal.

Steps to reproduce the error

  1. Run npm install;
  2. Make sure you have ESLint and Prettier extensions configured in your editor;
  3. Open this project;
  4. Open Counter.svelte.

At the last step you should see a lint error as follows:

[Error - 11:54:15 PM] ESLint stack trace:
[Error - 11:54:15 PM] ParseError: Unexpected token
  1 | let count = 0;
  2 |
> 3 | {;}
    | ^
Occurred while linting /svelte-eslint-prettier-error/src/Counter.svelte:3

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