:information_source: svelte-i18n is due to some reworking, like moving from a singleton to instances. This will be worked on when I find the time and priority :pray:


Internationalization for Svelte.

svelte-i18n helps you localize your app using the reactive tools Svelte provides. By using stores to keep track of the current locale, dictionary of messages and to format messages, we keep everything neat, in sync and easy to use on your svelte files.


  • Node: >= 11.15.0
  • Browsers: Chrome 38+, Edge 16+, Firefox 13+, Opera 25+, Safari 8+.
  import { _ } from 'svelte-i18n'


  <a>{$_('page.home.nav', { default: 'Home' })}</a>
  <a>{$_('page.about.nav', { default: 'About' })}</a>
  <a>{$_('page.contact.nav', { default: 'Contact' })}</a>
// en.json
  "page": {
    "home": {
      "title": "Homepage",
      "nav": "Home"
    "about": {
      "title": "About",
      "nav": "About"
    "contact": {
      "title": "Contact",
      "nav": "Contact Us"

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