Svelte Stage

A minimal and easily customizable storybook-like component library for svelte


A minimalist storybook like library for prototyping, developing and viewing your svelte components.

Getting started

Getting started couldn't be more simple. There are only three steps: Install the dependency:

npm i -D svelte-stage

and then run the init script to create the route where your stages (~= stories) will be accessible:

npm exec svelte-stage-init

Finally, due to some recent changes in sveltekit and vite, you need to exclude the library from vite dependency optimization. Just add it to your vite.config.js like so:

const config = {
    plugins: [sveltekit()],
    optimizeDeps: {
        exclude: ['svelte-stage']

And that's it! From there on you can create your components and they will show up.


In svelte-stage, a Stage is any svelte component with the filename matching *.stage.svelte. While that means you can create anything as a stage component, depending on your needs, its recommended to use the built-in stage component as a wrapper as it adds implicit documentation.

To create your first stage create a component named <your component name>.stage.svelte anywhere you like. In that component add the wrapper and the component you want to document like so:

<script lang="ts">
    import { Stage } from 'svelte-stage'
    import MyCustomComponent from 'src/components/MyCustomComponent.svelte'

<Stage component="MyCustomComponent">

If you then navigate to <devserver-url>/stage you will see the overview where you can click on that stage and see it displayed.

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