Svelte Zoo

Random assortment of Svelte components for building doc sites.

Live demo

🔨   Installation

npm install --dev svelte-zoo

📙   Usage

More docs to come...

  import {
    CircleSpinner, // animated rotating circle to indicate content is loading
    CodeExample, // to be used with mdsvexamples, syntax-highlights Svelte code and renders it
    CodeLinks, // link code fences to Svelte REPL, GitHub or StackBlitz for interactive sandboxing
    Confetti, // let confetti emoji rain across the screen to playfully show some event was triggered
    CopyButton, // add to code fences to allow copying its contents
    FileDetails, // use HTML <details> to show/hide file contents
    GitHubCorner, // place an animated GitHub icon linking to your repo in the screen corner
    Icon, // used by the other components to render the occasional icon but can also be imported for outside use
    PrevNext, // links to previous and next posts/pages/items in a list
    RadioButtons, // horizontally arranged group of buttons where selecting one auto-deselects the previous one
    Toggle, // boolean control
    Tooltip, // box to show extra info on hovering any DOM element
  } from 'svelte-zoo'

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