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SvelteKit UnoCSS Template

This is a template containing the following:

  • SvelteKit with adapter-static for easier Github Pages deployment
  • UnoCSS using Svelte scoped mode
    • and unocss-preset-heropatterns, unocss-preset-theme
  • Prettier Plugin TailwindCSS for auto sorting of classes
  • Commit-and-Tag-Version for CHANGELOG generation and Github tagging of versions
  • PrismJS with Prism-Svelte for syntax highlighting of code blocks
  • svelte-local-storage-store for using session/local storage with stores

Prettier Plugin TailwindCSS auto loading is broken when using pnpm so I recommend npm.

Don't forget to import the base path alias:

    import { base } from "$app/paths";

and write {base} before local links for them to work on Github Pages! (see /routes/+page.svelte)

Have fun!

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