Springboot Svelte Ecommerce Store

fullstack demo of springboot as backend using MySQL as DB, SvelteJS as front end


This is a demo of a Java Spring Boot + SvelteJS fullstack e-commerce store with added mobile responsive layout

Video Demo

Backend server is not dedicated yet, might turn it on or off. You can email me at reyanthonyrenacia@gmail.com so I can spin-up an 'ngrok' https instance for you. Or, you could just clone this repo and run it all in your machine. A full-fledge version would have the Spring Boot + MyBatis + SQL backend running on the cloud like Heroku or GCP instead of localhost.



in this repo for the Java Spring Boot backend code.

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List of existing URI endpoints:

All REST API endpoints can be found in the ShoppingRestController.java class of this repo:

- Create a new basket
   ```POST localhost:8085/newBasket```
- Fetch all your items inside your basket
    ```GET localhost:8085/fetchAllItemObjects/{basketId}```
- Add a new item inside your basket
    ```POST localhost:8085/newItem```
- Delete an item form you basket
     ```DELETE localhost:8085/deleteItem/{basketId}/{itemID}```
- Fetch current/last user
    ```GET localhost:8085/getLastUser```

SQL Scripts

To use the entities in this application, make sure you also create your database tables in MYSQL. Execute the scripts found in: /gf-ecommerce-backend/src/main/resources/sqlscripts/

How to run this repo on your local machine

Start Front-end
  1. Git clone: https://github.com/heliosnarcissus/gf-ecommerce-store.git

  2. CD inside folder and Install NPM: ```npm install'''

  3. executue npm run dev

    Start Back-end
    1. Import as Maven Project

    2. Enter your MySQL username and password as well as specify your schema name in application.properties: gf-ecommerce-backend/src/main/resources/application.properties

    3. Run as Spring Boot application in BackendStartMain.java

Work In Progress:

I will be adding a payment API like Paypal or Stripe soon.

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