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Welcome to ExSvel Project

Current status of this project is in BETA

ExSvel is a project that aims to provide a simple and easy way to create a web application using Svelte and Express.

The reason i built this is for my own personal project, because i need a simple, fast, and easy way to create a web application. And also stable, secure and reliable.

I want to make it easy for start a new project, so you can just download this as archive (.zip, .tar.gz, etc...) or just clone a git repository

Getting Started

you can clone this repository and start your project with the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/gaibz/exsvel.git


You need to have Node.js installed on your machine.


To install the project dependencies, run the following command:

npm install
cp env .env

Generate a JWT Secret Key, the key should be used in the .env file on line APP_JWT_SECRET.

node command.js jwt_secret

Running the Server

To run the servers, run the following command:

npm run start:server

Directory Structure

The project has the following directory structure:

/-- public (For static files)
/-- server (For server-side code)
    /-- actions (For server-side actions)
    /-- libraries (For server-side libraries)
    /-- commands (For Listed Command Generated)
    /-- databases (For Database specific action (Model, seeder, migration)
    /-- drivers (For Framework Specific driver)
/-- ui (For client-side code)


This framework comes with a command that you can use to generate a new component, build automation, etc.. List of available commands are :

node command.js

Example for Command Usage :

node command.js migration:create create_users_table

Other things to note

Model, Migration and ORM

This Project uses sequelize as the ORM. You can check it out on the sequelize documentation on Sequelize

About Query Standard for Indexing

query should be look like : http://localhost:3000/api/v1/someaction?page=1&per_page=10&sort_by=id:desc&search=hello+world&filter[field]=value&filter[another_field]=another_value,another_value2&fields=field,another_field&filter[greater_than_field]=:gt:10&filter[less_than_field]=:lt:10&filter[greater_than_or_equal_field]=:gte:10&filter[less_than_or_equal_field]=:lte:10&filter[like_field]=:like:hello

You can use built in function to parse the query to standard query for Modeling..

// In your action file : 
const {parseIntoModelQuery, parseQueryString} = require("./server/drivers/QueryParser")
// .... inside index function

// in case you want to define searchable columns
let searchable_columns = ['searchable_1', 'searchable_2'];

// in case you want to strict the where (cannot customized by user)
let append_where = {
    some_field : 'some_value'

let model_query = parseIntoModelQuery(this.getFullUrl(req), searchable_columns, append_where);
//.... Done
// the query object will now look like this
model_query = {
  where: {
    field: 'value',
    another_field: { [Symbol(in)]: [Array] },
    greater_than_field: { [Symbol(gt)]: '10' },
    less_than_field: { [Symbol(lt)]: '10' },
    greater_than_or_equal_field: { [Symbol(gte)]: '10' },
    less_than_or_equal_field: { [Symbol(lte)]: '10' },
    like_field: { [Symbol(like)]: '%hello%' },
    [Symbol(or)]: [ [Object], [Object] ]
  limit: 10,
  offset: 0,
  order: [ [ 'id', 'desc' ] ]

// which is ready to be used in sequelize model
// Example of using the query in sequelize model
const YourModel = require("./server/models/YourModel");
YourModel.findAll(query).then((result) => {
    // do something with the result


  • command.js generate action with model (For faster CRUD)
  • command.js generate action with middleware (For simplicity auth)
  • create driver for parsing HTTP GET query
  • make auth system with JWT in middleware

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