Sveltekit Markdown Blog

Static SvelteKit blog with markdown support


A simple blog that statically generates from markdown files. Built with SvelteKit.


View a live demo here


  • Fully static
  • Markdown files
  • Dark mode

Running Locally

# Clone the repository
git clone

# Navigate to the project directory
cd sveltekit-markdown-blog

# Install dependencies with pnpm
pnpm install

# Run the development server
pnpm run dev

# Generate the static site
pnpm run build

Adding Posts

To add a new post, create a markdown file in the posts directory. The file should have the following front matter at the top:

    Title: <title of the post>
    Author: <your name here>
    Published: <date in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format>
    Categories: <comma-separated list of categories>
    Thumbnail: <url, e.g. images/image.webp then put that image in the static/images folder>


To deploy your blog, you can simply upload the contents of the build directory to your web server. Alternatively, you can use a static site hosting service such as Cloudflare Pages.


Use it however you want.

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