Sveltekit Prismic Headless Cms Blog

SvelteKit implementation of Prismic Headless CMS using Graphql API

Svelte-Prismic Blog

This is my personal blog app built with SvelteKit and Prismic CMS.

📝 Table of Contents

🧐 About

The goal of the project is to setup complete blog using SvelteKit and the Prismic headless CMS. Here is the demo

🚀 Features

  • Dark theme
  • Author's can recommend a list of post
  • Search includes
  • Google Analytic integration
  • SEO ready.

🧒 Prerequisites

You have to familiar with Javascript, Svelte and HTML,CSS in order to work with this project.

⌚ Using the project

Fork the repo and install dependencies, that's all you need. ⛏️.

Install dependencies

yarn install

Running the project

yarn dev

will start the project.

🚀 Built Using

✍️ Authors and Guides

🎉 Acknowledgements

  • Thank for awesome CMS by Primmic

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