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This project is ment to be the blog app for my personal web.

I've chosen SvelteKit as a framework to develop this app, for I think it's both simple and robust enough as to accelerate the development process, which is a decisive factor for me, given the small blocks of time I have on a daily bases for personal projects.

Most likely the deployment will be as a dockerized app, since it will facilitate the integration of this app onto the main app. The code for my personal web may be found here.

I'm leaving bellow the regular content of the Readme file that gets created with SvelteKit.

Dan Almenar Williams


Everything you need to build a Svelte project, powered by create-svelte.

Creating a project

If you're seeing this, you've probably already done this step. Congrats!

# create a new project in the current directory
npm create svelte@latest

# create a new project in my-app
npm create svelte@latest my-app


Once you've created a project and installed dependencies with npm install (or pnpm install or yarn), start a development server:

npm run dev

# or start the server and open the app in a new browser tab
npm run dev -- --open


To create a production version of your app:

npm run build

You can preview the production build with npm run preview.

To deploy your app, you may need to install an adapter for your target environment.

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