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A monorepo for SvelteKit that can handle multiple projects in one, has a support for multi-configuration, there are plenty of examples in the code to start with!

SvelteKit Projects

The copy of this branch should have at least the v1.15.10 of @sveltejs/kit

./run and src/route.js

Dynamic way of serving the ./src/routes/admin, we've added a condition inside our start/route.js to pre-determine the folder we want.

# this demonstrates a fake logged in
$> ./run admin dev
$> ./run admin-in dev

# this demonstrates a fake logged out
$> ./run admin-out dev

# this connects to your laravel sanctum
$> ./run admin-laravel-sanctum dev

The above command is similar to what it looks like below

$> ROUTE_FOLDER=admin npm run dev

We've stored more route projects, such as the original demo of sveltekit and my own resumé blog

# this demonstrates my bio and resumé
$> ./run blog dev

# this demonstrates the original sveltekit counter + todo
$> ./run demo dev

Playwright Test Cases

When writing a test cases, rule of thumb is to name your tests with/by specific words, such as "demo:"

// tests/demo.js
test('demo: about page has expected h1', async ({ page }) => {
 // ...

Then you can run specific folders by executing it this way

./run demo test -- -g "demo:"


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