R Pomodoro

[in-development] An open source pomodoro for desktop built with Tauri.


A minimalistic Pomodoro desktop application built with Tauri, Svelte, and Skeleton UI

The basic functionality for the cycle is already working. However, I still need to create options to minimize the app to the task bar and the configuration button. The config button is where the magic is going to happen, I'm planning on allowing theme, alert and timer customizations.

Why am I making this project?

I'd usually use a website for this type of functionality, but as of the last few days that website added some annoying pop ups and alerts 😠, so I thought about making my own version of it with more customizations and other QOL features.


Not the finished version, but an initial concept. I want it to be simple and small, not something that could take my attention during the sessions.

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