An amazingly well crafted express and svelte starter code


Amazingly crafted, flexible SvelteKit and Express.JS starter code which is enough to be the finisher code for others xD


  • You can use ./.env.sample as a boiler to create your own environment config file (./.env).

And then with some docker compose magic, we are ready to roll!

$ docker-compose up

Where to find stuff :)

Service Default URL
Client (SvelteKit) localhost:5173
Storybook (Svelte Component Library) localhost:6006
REST API Server (Express JS) localhost:4269
REST API Docs (Swagger) localhost:4269
Server Metrics (Grafana) localhost:1337

Project Structure

  • Sveltepress is separated into 2 Yarn Workspaces, the client and the server.
  • The Client is the SvelteKit Front-End with Storybook setup to view and interact with UI Library components.
    • The ./client/src/lib folder holds all the UI components, helper functions, configs etc.
    • The ./client/src/routes folder is used by SvelteKit to serve the pages on the mapped routes.
  • The REST API Server is the Express.JS server with monitoring setup using Prometheus && Grafana && also Swagger API Docs which can be accessed via http://<Server IP>:<Server Port>/api/docs.
    • The ./server/src/config folder handles usage of environment variables in the server and setting up of connection to the PostgreSQL DB.
    • The ./server/src/controllers folder is where the business logic of the app handles.
    • The ./server/src/middleware folder is where the requests and responses of the server a processed before sending to client.
    • The ./server/src/models folder is where the tables to be used in the DB are setup.
    • The ./server/src/routers folder is where the routes of the server are defined.
    • The ./server/src/services folder is where the DB operations have been abstracted to allow for complete modularity and easy switching of DB if need be.
    • The ./server/src/utils folder is where the helper functions are stored.
    • The ./server/src/validators folder is where the validators are stored.

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