Sveltekit Vs Nextjs

SvelteKit vs Next.js

POC implementations of plugin page for napari hub comparing SvelteKit to Next.js. A mock server is included in server/ to provide API access to some data that corresponds to the plugin page designs.


The applications are deployed on Vercel using the free hosting plan:

# Deploy mock server
cd server
vercel --prod
cd ..

# The Next.js and SvelteKit apps use the SERVER_URL environment variable to
# know what URL to request data from.
# For example, the URL we use in production is:
export SERVER_URL='mock server url'

cd react
vercel -e SERVER_URL=$SERVER_URL --prod
cd ..

cd svelte
# We have to use the `--build-env` flag instead of the `--env` flag because
# SvelteKit replaces the environment variable at build time.
vercel -b SERVER_URL=$SERVER_URL --prod
cd ..

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