Svelte Preprocess Escape

A Svelte preprocessor that allows rendering Svelte code within components


A Svelte preprocesor that allows escaping content within components or elements. In simpler terms: this lets you open a compiler escape hatch to render Svelte code within Svelte components. This is particularly useful for displaying example Svelte code (or whatever else you might want) within code blocks.

IMPORTANT: The implementation here is pretty rough/experimental, hasn't been significantly dogfooded or tested, and was designed only to solve something within my own particular problem space. This may work reasonably well for you -- or not at all.


npm install svelte-preprocess-escape --save-dev

Or, if you're using Yarn:

yarn add svelte-preprocess-escape --dev

Basic Usage Example

// svelte.config.js
import escape from 'svelte-preprocess-escape' // the preprocessor is default-exported
import preprocess from 'svelte-preprocess'

/** @type {import('@sveltejs/kit').Config} */
const config = {
  // If using svelte-preprocess, ensure `escape()` precedes it in the
  // preprocessor list
  preprocess: [escape(), preprocess()],
  kit: {
    adapter: adapter(),
    target: '#svelte'
<!-- component.svelte -->
<h1>Regular Old Markup</h1>

  <code escape-content>
    <script lang="ts">
      const f = () => {
        return true
    <style lang="scss">
      a {
        color: red;

In this example, since the escape-content attribute is present on the <code> element, the content therein will simply render as text, maintaining any indendation (thanks to <pre>). The preprocessor automatically dedents the content, so it renders as you'd expect.

Note that the preprocessor will simply ignore any nested instances of elements or components marked with escape-content, so there's no option to nest within them, nor is there an option to break out of them.


You can supply a few options as an object to the exported function:

Property Type Default Description
tag string escape-content The attribute name to supply. E.g.,

extensions string[] ['.svelte'] The file extensions the preprocessor will be available to act on
highlighter function An optional highlighter function, useful for performing code highlighting on the escaped contents. Must conform to the signature (code: string, filename?: string) => string


This project uses the built-in packaging functionality of SvelteKit to generate the package code. To build outside of the usual package management environment:

git clone
cd svelte-preprocess-escape
npm install
npm package

This will produce a /package directory containing the TypeScript source transpiled to JavaScript, as well as a TypeScript definition file.



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