Serverless Sapper for Now v2 - demo

by @antony

This is a demonstration of a Dynamic (i.e. not Static / Exported) Sapper Template to Now v2, using the Now Sapper builder.

Static assets from your application are served from the now CDN.


Check out this project from git:

npx degit beyonk-adventures/now-sapper-demo now-sapper-demo
cd now-sapper-demo
npm i

and deploy it to now:

npx now

Testing changes

You can deploy using a git repository as the builder. Have a look at now.test.json.

npm run deploy:test

Local Usage (Now Dev)

At the current time, Zeit's now dev emulator lags significantly behind the real service, and as such, the now-sapper module will not work locally. You will encounter the following error:

> Now CLI 16.2.0 dev (beta) —
> Creating initial build
> Error! Unknown file type: undefined


Though serverless, your Sapper application will still run all routes from a single endpoint /*. It does not (yet) support route splitting / differential bundling. I have tried this with a hefty Sapper application, and have not found this to be an issue, though it would be optimal to add this feature.

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