Ato UI

The elemental UI component library for Svelte, built with UnoCSS and Melt UI.

🚀 Getting Started

Check out the documentation for a detailed installation guide and project setup.

pnpm add -D ato-ui

✨ Features

  • 🦄 Headless + Styled components
  • 🎨 Themeable with an easy to use designers page
  • 🎯 Written in TypeScript
  • 👍 Strict adherence to WAI-ARIA guidelines (built on top of accessible headless libraries)
  • ✈️ Convenient CSS shortcuts & tokens
  • 😃 Pure CSS icons of all your favourite icon sets thanks to iconify and UnoCSS

👋 Community

Want to discuss something with us? Come join us on Discord, we would love to see you there.

Ato UI Discord community

⚒️ Contributions

Developers interested in contributing should read the Code of Conduct and the Contribution Guide. PRs are welcomed. Find an open issue you can work on and come discuss it with us on discord.

🌸 Credits

The following amazing projects made this library possible and / or inspired features:


MIT License © 2023-PRESENT Benedikt Mielke

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