Routify Notus

Notus Svelte starter template with Routify

Routify Notus Svelte Starter

Starter template for Notus Svelte using Routify.


npx degit azlkiniue/routify-notus folder-name
cd folder-name
npm install
npm run dev

npm scripts

Syntax Description
dev Development (port 5000)
dev:nollup Development with crazy fast rebuilds (port 5000)
dev-dynamic Development with dynamic imports
build Build a bundled app with SSR + prerendering and dynamic imports
serve Run after a build to preview. Serves SPA on 5000 and SSR on 5005
deploy:* Deploy to netlify or now, more info
export Create static pages from content in dist folder (used by npm run build)


  • Using Tailwind JIT Mode for faster build times.
  • Updated Chart.js (from 2.x to 3.x) and other dependencies.


Short Answer

Why not?

Long Answer

I really like file-based router for this template since it's easier to maintain. At first, I want to use Sapper. But, since it was no longer updated because it will be replaced with SvelteKit - which is still in heavy development, my choice goes to Routify.



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