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A Svelte component library for Algolia InstantSearch.js
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This library is a community-developed wrapper around instantsearch.js for Svelte.

It is meant to be an equivalent of react-instantsearch-hooks-web for Svelte, exposing a similar API.


yarn add svelte-algolia-instantsearch algoliasearch
# or
npm install svelte-algolia-instantsearch algoliasearch

Basic usage

  import {
  } from "svelte-algolia-instantsearch";
  import algoliasearch from "algoliasearch/lite";

  const searchClient = algoliasearch("<YOUR_API_KEY>", "<YOUR_SEARCH_KEY>");

<InstantSearch indexName="<YOUR_INDEX_NAME>" {searchClient}>
  <SearchBox />

  <Hits let:hit>
    <img src={hit.author_image_url} alt={hit.author_name} />
    {hit.post_title} by {hit.author_name}

  <div style="display:flex;">
    <Pagination />
        { value: 5, label: "Show 5 hits", default: true },
        { value: 10, label: "Show 10 hits" },

Compatibility with SvelteKit SSR

As instantsearch.js is currently not compatible with Node.js ESM modules, you need to add it to the ssr.noExternal array in your vite.config.js file:

// vite.config.js or vite.config.ts
const config = {
  // ...
  ssr: {
    noExternal: ["instantsearch.js"],

Warning If you are using pnpm as a package manager, please check this issue if you have an error while running your dev script

This slows down the build time and outputs larger files, but it's the only way to make it work for now.

If you want your page to be fully rendered on the server, which is great for SEO, simply add a +page.server.js file next to your +page.svelte file, which should contain the following lines :

import { getServerState } from "svelte-algolia-instantsearch";

import Page from "./+page.svelte";

export const load = () => getServerState(Page);

Now you can check in your network tab that the page containing hits and facets is fully rendered on the server 😁



The most important part of this library is the connect function, which creates and adds a widget to the InstantSearch instance, and returns a Svelte readable store.

Here's an example of how you can use it to build your own components :

  import { connect } from "svelte-algolia-instantsearch";
  import { connectStats } from "instantsearch.js/es/connectors";

  const state = connect(connectStats);
  $: ({ nbHits, processingTimeMS } = $state);

<p>Found {nbHits} results in {processingTimeMS}ms</p>


It's still a work in progress, but you can use some pre-made components to build your search UI :

  • Breadcrumb
  • Configure
  • ClearRefinements
  • CurrentRefinements
  • DynamicWidgets
  • HierarchicalMenu
  • Highlight
  • Hits
  • HitsPerPage
  • Index
  • InfiniteHits
  • Menu
  • Pagination
  • PoweredBy
  • RangeInput
  • RefinementList
  • SearchBox
  • Snippet
  • SortBy
  • ToggleRefinement


This function returns the instance of InstantSearch that was instantiated by the <InstantSearch> component.

It can be useful if you want to use the instantsearch.js API directly, for example to add a custom middleware.

  import { getInstantSearchContext } from "$lib";
  import { createInsightsMiddleware } from "instantsearch.js/es/middlewares";
  import { onMount } from "svelte";

  const search = getInstantSearchContext();

  onMount(() => {
    const insightsMiddleware = createInsightsMiddleware({
      /* ... */
    return () => {

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