Svelte Legos

Collection of essential Svelte Composition Utilities

🚀 Features

  • 🎪 Interactive docs & demos
  • Fully tree shakeable: Only take what you want, [bundle size]
  • 🦾 Type Strong: Written in TypeScript, with TS Docs
  • 🔋 SSR Friendly
  • 🌎 No bundler required: Usable via CDN
  • 🔩 Flexible: Configurable event filters and targets

🦄 Usage

<script lang="ts">
import { counterStore } from "svelte-legos";

const { counter, inc, dec, set, reset } = counterStore();

<button on:click={() => inc()}>Increment</button>


<button on:click={() => dec()}>Decrement</button>
<script lang="ts">
import { clickOutsideAction } from "svelte-legos";

let hidden = false;

function handleClickOutside() {
    hidden = !hidden;

<div class="modal" use:clickOutsideAction on:clickoutside={handleClickOutside} />

Refer to functions list or documentations for more details.

📦 Install

npm i svelte-legos

Local setup

npm run start:dev

🌸 Thanks

This project is heavily inspired by the following awesome projects.



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