Directus Sveltekit Blog Starter

Directus Sveltekit Blogging Starter

directus + svelte logos

This is a Directus, Sveltekit blogging starter. Also comes with Tailwind (via Windicss) for easy styling!


Getting Started

  1. git clone starter
  2. cd starter
  3. pnpm i //or 'npm i' or 'yarn'
  4. pnpm run dev - This will start Directus on the standard port (http://localhost:8055) and Sveltekit on http://localhost:3000
  5. Visit the Directus dashboard to add posts
  6. Directus admin credentials: [email protected] & notsecureatall
  7. Edit any styles or pages directly through the Sveltekit files

Improvements and Suggestions

Running into issues or have a suggestion to make things better? Feel free to open up an issue, pull request, or github discussion!

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