Deno Pogo Svelte Starter

A starter project for using SSR with deno and svelte.


  • See Getting Started for instructions.
  • See Vendor submodule sveltejs-svelte-deno for testing v3.23.2 vs latest.
  • This is a very basic boilerplate for working with svelte in Deno.
  • It does just enough to get you started, and lets you experiment from there.
  • It might be good to add large changes as a different branch or fork.
  • One concern that will need to get addressed is here:

Vendor submodule sveltejs-svelte-deno

  • Project installs a fork of in ven that:
    • Builds a self contained esm rollup bundle of the svelte compiler.
    • Makes ssr and dom versions of the runtime that are compatible with Deno.
  • Currently this uses the v3.23.2 of the compiler and runtime.
    • If you want to use a more recent build from master branch there is one.
    • Currently there is a build from this sha available:
    • If you want to use that version of the runtime and compiler then:
      • Change directory to ven/sveltejs-svelte-deno.
      • Git checkout that version by:
        • git checkout dev-b56829-build
          • If this doesn't work you may need to git fetch origin
      • Now when you return to the root directory and run:
        • make compile and make serve it will be using that version.

Getting Started

  • Deno setup instructions:
  • You do not need to use npm/yarn for package manangement.
    • Deno installs things remotely from secure endpoints, and caches them after first run.
  • Get started by cloning this repository:
    • Notes:
      • --recursive opt fetches submodules, these live in ven (vendor dir).
      • Project uses a fork of sveltejs/svelte to have deno compatible files.
    • Commands:
      • git clone --recursive new-project
      • cd new-project
      • Try running make compile
        • If this works then continue, otherwise look at the Using Make / Just section.
      • Now run make serve
      • View project at: (unless something else is using that port)

Using Make / Just

  • Project uses Make or Just as task runner.
    • This is partly because Deno doesn't seem to need npm or a package.json.
  • If using just, replace all commands starting with make to just

Installing Make / Just

  • Having either one on your machine will work and setup is easy

Compiling svelte files

  • Typing make compile causes the index.svelte to build to out/app.mjs.
    • You may also want to use:
      • make compile-log runs server with debug logging.
      • make compile-break runs server with breakpoint debugging
        • Open chrome://inspect in chrome to attach.
    • See lib/compile.mjs to adjust/extend this behavior.

Running http server

  • Typing make serve starts an http server that renders out/app.mjs.
    • You may also want to use:
      • make serve-log runs server with debug logging.
      • make serve-break runs server with breakpoint debugging
        • Open chrome://inspect in chrome to attach.
    • See lib/serve.mjs to adjust/extend this behavior.
    • Currently uses Pogo:

Running tests

  • Server
    • make test-serve tests lib/serve.mjs.
  • Svelte SSR
    • make test-svelte tests out/app.mjs.

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