Sveltekit Trello App

A demo app that uses a Trello board as its backend, using Sveltekit

Sveltekit Trello App

What's this?

This is a very basic todo app that uses a Trello board as its backend.

It uses the latest version of Sveltekit (the one close to RC1 ;))

I used it to get to know Sveltekit's form actions and as a way to practice to interact with an API.

The Trello API happens to be very good and well documented, that's why I chose it.


How to use

  • Create a Trello account
  • Go to , get your key there as well as generate your token
  • Create a board with one list
  • Add .json to the URL, to find your list id.
  • Save the list id, save your API token and key.

Create an .env file with the following content:


Consider this board to be your “database”.

  • Now run the project using npm run dev

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