A desktop timer made with Svelte and Electron. Can stay on top of all windows, and can be customized. Good for streaming/presenting.


A high utility, highly customizable, simple desktop timer app

Tempor is an Electron.js timer app built with Svelte and Typescript that offers a high degree of customization. It's ideal for streamers, presenters, coaches, & project leaders with its stylistic customization and flexible favorites

Version 1.0 has been released! Download Tempor for Mac and Windows Here!


Style Customization

  • 3 themes: light, dark, and transparent, to fit any environment
  • Size: can be as big or as small as you need
  • Color: Full range of color hues to match any style
  • Blur: for a lighter, fuzzier look
  • Circle thickness: for a bolder or more minimal look
  • Border roundness: to fit in with any set of windows
  • Always-on-top option: to make full use of your screen without losing sight of the time


  • Save up to 5 favorites in each mode
  • Easily load and set favorites quickly with key commands
  • Set temporary favorites for the current session only, or save them permanently

Interval Mode

  • Add up to 5 custom intervals
  • Choose a unique color for each interval
  • Option to repeat entire interval cycle for a continuous loop

Sound Customization

  • Choose your own sounds
  • Select different sounds for different event types
  • Set volume independent from OS


  • Full set of key-commands for effortless operation
  • Save your configuration, so it's always ready to go when you need it
  • Easily move the window around with the hidden drag bar

Styling & Configuration Examples:


General Usage

Action Explanation Key Command With Mouse
Positioning There's a hidden bar between the top of the progress circle and the top edge of the app. Click just above the timer circle and drag to position None

Sizing Hovering over the top-left corner of the app will reveal the size control buttons. - or +

Open/Close Settings Opens the tray where you will find style and audio settings, and interval settings when in interval mode s

Cycle Themes Cycle between light, dark, and transparent themes b

Always On Top When in always-on-top mode, you can interact with any window below without covering up the timer. You can't click through the timer, so you'll have to move it if you need to access a control below the window t

Settings Tabs You can navigate between settings tabs by clicking the relevant icon.

note: Interval settings tab doesn't show up in standard mode
ctrl/⌘ + /

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