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Awesome Svelte

⚡ A curated list of awesome Svelte resources

Svelte is a new way to build web applications. It's a compiler that takes your declarative components and converts them into efficient JavaScript

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Official Resources




YouTube Channels



Studies and research on the Svelte framework.




UI frameworks for mobile.

  • Svelte Native - Svelte controlling native components via Nativescript.
  • Framework7 - Full featured HTML framework for building iOS & Android apps.
  • Capacitor - Build native mobile apps with web technology and Svelte.

State Libraries

  • Svelte-Domain - The state management for svelte.
  • svelte-asyncable - The Svelte store contract with support for asynchronous values.
  • exome - Simple proxy based state manager for deeply nested states.

UI Libraries

  • AgnosticUI - Accessible Svelte Component Primitives (that also work with React, Vue 3, and Angular).
  • Flowbite Svelte - Open-source Svelte UI components built with Tailwind CSS and Flowbite.
  • Sveltestrap - Bootstrap 4 & 5 components.
  • Smelte - UI framework with material components built with Tailwind CSS.
  • Svelte Material UI - Material UI Components.
  • carbon-components-svelte - Svelte implementation of the IBM Carbon Design System.
  • Melt UI - A collection of accessible, reusable, and composable headless component builders and utilities.
  • Radix Svelte - An unofficial community-led Svelte port of Radix UI Primitives
  • attractions - A pretty cool and modern UI kit
  • svelte-chota - Component library built with Chota, a super light-weight CSS framework
  • ionic-svelte - Svelte integration with Ionic's UI for mobile app development, including many starters.
  • Svelte UI - SvelteUI is an all inclusive Svelte library.
  • YeSvelte - YeSvelte is flexible Svelte UI component library built on top of Bootstrap css.
  • Skeleton - Skeleton uses Tailwind utility classes and design system to easily create theme-able user interfaces.
  • STDF - Mobile web component library based on Svelte and Tailwind.
  • M3 Svelte - Robust component library implementing Material Design 3

UI Components


Tables and data grids.


Toaster / snackbar - Notify the user with a modeless temporary little popup.

  • svelte-notifications - Toast notifications component that can be used in any JS application.
  • svelte-favicon-badge - A custom component that adds a favicon and a badge that you can use to show for example number of unread messages, etc.
  • @zerodevx/svelte-toast - Simple elegant toast notifications.
  • svelte-french-toast - Buttery smooth toast notifications for Svelte, inspired by React Hot Toast. Lightweight, customizable, and beautiful by default.
  • svelte-sonner - An opinionated toast component for Svelte.




Display non-editable events in a calendar.



Lets the user create and edit data.


Switch / on/off toggle / checkbox.




Templates / boilerplate / starter kits / stack ensemble / Yeoman generator.



  • AutoAnimate - A zero-config, drop-in animation utility that adds smooth transitions to your Svelte app.
  • svelte-typewriter - A simple and reusable typewriter effect for your Svelte applications.


  • svelte-forms-lib - A lightweight library for managing forms.
  • Superforms - SvelteKit library for handling server and client validation, and client-side display of forms.
  • felte - Extensible form library, with built-in Yup, Zod, Vest, and Superstruct validation.
  • vest - 🦺 Declarative form validation framework inspired by unit testing.
  • svelte-formly - A good solution to generate and control a dynamic forms using core and custom rules with customize styles.
  • svelte-form-builder - A No-code Drag n Drop Form Builder built for Svelte
  • Formsnap - High level Svelte components for forms, built on top of Superforms and Zod.


  • svelthree - Component library for declarative construction of reactive and reusable three.js scene graphs.
  • threlte - Svelte wrapper for three.js



  • svelte-portal - Component for rendering outside the DOM of parent component.
  • svelte-teleport - A component to teleport elements across the DOM.


  • svelte-web-fonts/google - Tiny component for easily loading Fonts via the Google Fonts API including autocompletion.


  • svelte-fluent - Components for easy integration of Fluent localization.
  • svelte-i18n - Internationalization library for Svelte.
  • VoerkaI18n - Internationalization solution for Javascript/Typescript/Vue/React/Solidjs/SvelteJs/ReactNative
  • sveltekit-i18n - For integrating i18n style localization in SvelteKit.
  • @tolgee/svelte - Web-based localization tool enabling users to translate directly in the Svelte app they develop.


For Single Page Applications (SPAs) and more.

  • svelte-router-spa - Router adds routing to your Single Page Applications (SPA). Includes localisation, guards and nested layouts.
  • svelte-routing - A declarative Svelte routing library with SSR support.
  • tinro - A tiny, dependency free and highly declarative router.
  • svelte-spa-router - Optimized for Single Page Applications (SPA) with hash based routing and support for parameters.
  • svelte-client-router - Svelte Client Router is everything you need and think when routing SPA's.
  • @danielsharkov/svelte-router - A simple & easy to use SPA router, developed with page transitions in mind.
  • @shaun/svelterouter - Another vue-router inspired Svelte router.
  • Elegua - Small (< 180LoC), fast, easy, full featured SPA router


  • SvelteKit - The fastest way to build Svelte apps.
  • Elder.js - Opinionated static site generator and web framework for Svelte built with SEO in mind.
  • Routify - Routes for Svelte, automated by your file structure.
  • JungleJS - The Jamstack framework for Svelte with GraphQL.
  • svelte-document - Create documents (PDFs), resumes, or presentations entirely in Svelte.

Dev Tools


Lint and format your code.


Create documentation.

  • svelte-docs - A rapid way to write documentation for your Svelte components.
  • sveltedoc-parser - Generate a JSON documentation for your component.
  • svelte-docster - Generate metadata about your Svelte files from jsdoc.



Text editor plugins.

Visual Studio Code


  • ide-svelte - Provides syntax highlighting and rich intellisense for your components.
  • language-svelte - Provides syntax highlighting for components, directives and other Svelte specific syntax in Atom.

Sublime Text

  • Svelte - Syntax highlighting and support for Sublime Text.


  • vim-svelte - Vim syntax highlighting and indentation for Svelte 3 components.
  • vim-svelte-plugin - Syntax highlighting and support for Vim.
  • coc-svelte - Syntax highlighting and support for (Neo)Vim.


  • Svelte - Syntax highlighting and support for JetBrains.

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