DaisyUI is UI library implemented with Tailwind. This repo wraps the DaisyUI code fragments in Svelte components for reusability and parameterization.

E.g. the DaisyUI fragment

<button class="btn btn-accent btn-outline">Click Me</button> 

is shortened to:

<Button accent outline>Click Me</Button>


I may turn turn these components into npm installabe packges. For now, just clone this project

git clone https://github.com/SumitBando/svelte-daisy
cd svelte-daisy
npm i # or pnmp install


Start a development server:

npm run dev

# or start the server and open the app in a new browser tab
npm run dev -- --open


Before creating a production version of your app, install an adapter for your target environment. Then:

npm run build

You can preview the built app with npm run preview, regardless of whether you installed an adapter. This should not be used to serve your app in production.

Project was created with

npm i svelte@next
npx svelte-add@tailwindcss
npm i daisyui

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