Snowpack Plugin Mdsvex

Include Svelte-enhanced markdown files via MDSVEX with Snowpack


Use Markdown enhanced with Svelte components compiled by MDSvex to parse .md and .svx files with Snowpack!

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This plugin was created to be used within a Svelte project, but could possbily be used in a non-Svelte app since this plugin parses .md and .svx files into JS externally of the main Svelte preprocessor loop used in @snowpack/plugin-svelte.

Note: The plugin was archived at one point when the preprocessor option was added to @snowpack/plugin-svelte, however since a Snowpack plugin's resolve.input doesn't allow dyanmic input it was not possible to make Snowpack aware of extensions beyond .svelte.

yarn add snowpack-plugin-mdsvex -D
# or
npm i snowpack-plugin-mdsvex --dev -D

Peer dependencies: svelte, snowpack, mdsvex.

Quick start

If starting a new project, tryout Create Snowpack App (CSA) using either:

  • @snowpack/app-template-svelte
  • @snowpack/app-template-svelte-typescript

Otherwise, after installing, update your snowpack config:

// snowpack.config.json
  "plugins": [
    ["snowpack-plugin-mdsvex", { /* see "Plugin Options" below */ }],

Plugin Options

interface SnowpackPluginMdsvexOptions {
   * Includes only the  specified paths
  include?: string[]
   * Excludes the specified paths
  exclude?: string[]
   * Include CSS. Default: false
  css?: boolean
   * These options are passed directly to the MDSvex compiler
  mdsvexOptions?: Record<string, any>

Supported MDSvex options:

interface MdsvexOptions {
   * Use custom extensions
   * example: ['.dvx']
  extensions?: string[]
  • extensions: Set if you wish to use any custom extensions. Defaults: ['.md', '.svx'].
  • [TODO]: View all MDSvex options. With exception to custom extensions, all other MDSvex options have not been tested, but should work.




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