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A simple open-source To-Do web/desktop app built with Svelte and Electron.

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What is Checked?

Checked is a simple open-source To-Do app built with Svelte. It operates without the need for a backend server, utilizing local storage to store tasks and encoding data into URLs for easy sharing. This means you can share your task list with others by simply sharing the generated link. Additionally, Checked can be packaged as a desktop app using Electron.


  1. Node.js: Make sure you have Node.js installed on your computer. You can download it from the official website.

  2. Install Dependencies: Run the npm install command in your project's root directory to install all dependencies.

  3. After installing the dependencies, you are ready to start the development.


Starting the Development Server

To begin development, start the development server by running the npm run dev command.

Detecting TypeScript Issues

You can use the npm run check:watch command in your IDE's terminal to detect TypeScript issues in your code. This command automatically checks all files for issues after you make changes.

Running Electron (Optional)

While it's recommended to develop on the default development server, you may also want to test how your project runs in Electron. Follow these steps:

  1. Build the Svelte app by running npm run build.
  2. Start Electron with npm run start.

Please note that after making changes, you'll need to rerun both commands. This workflow may be improved in the future.

Packaging for Deployment/Distribution

If you've made changes to the project and want to host it on the internet or create a desktop app, follow these steps:

  1. Build the static website by running npm run build.

    This command generates a static website in the /dist folder, which you can then easily host on any hosting service.

  2. To create a desktop app, run the npm run make command.

    This command generates a desktop app in the /out folder. Please note that the desktop app has only been tested on Windows.


Checked is open-source and available under the MIT License.

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