Test Shopping Cart

A shopping cart practice app built using svelte js

Svelte shopping basket

A fun little exercise, creating a shopping basket. It uses SvelteJs and data stores


  • node ^14.18.0
  • Svelte
  • SvelteKit
  • Sass
  • PostCSS
  • Prettier
  • ESlint
  • Playwright

Install dependencies

npm i

Build the app & watch for changes

npm run dev

# or start the server and open the app in a new browser tab
npm run dev -- --open

Build the application and preview the compiled source

npm start

Which Browsers/Devices or Virtualization services did you check the application in?

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari iPhone (11) via Browserstack
  • Chrome Android (Samsung Galaxy S22) via Browserstack

Anything you want to tell us?

  • Assumptions?

    • Items with a stock level of 0 are added to the cart (if they already existed).
    • It's not possible to add an item with 0 stock level to the basket.
    • If an item exists in the basket with 0 stock the buy now button is disabled.
    • Older browsers currently not supported.
    • That the cart storage should be maintained between page views.
    • The products/index.json is a list of products that could be added to the basket
    • Entering a negative number sets the quantity to 0 on blue
    • Quantity will not be more than 999 or 3 digits long
    • Assumed the quantity input uses a type of number, not text
    • Assumed hover/focus states
    • Measurements and font sizes have been estimated (Sketch does not work on Windows)
  • Decisions?

    • Used SvelteJs (and Svelte Kit) instead of Vanilla JS, due to easier use of 2 way bindings
    • Created a very basic versions of the other pages to allow for navigation
    • Visiting the product page for the first time will add all products from the products/index.json file to the basket.
      • The intention of this is to check both the max and min stock levels, products should not exceed 0 if out of stock or the max amount of items
    • Added individual products to the products page to allow addition of products
    • Added a message bag to indicate to the user when a products added to the basket
    • Moved away from a larger single CSS before moving most of the components to the associated svelte component.
    • Used CSS variables
    • Added a dark mode (CSS variables are really impressive for that)
    • Used CSS grid for the basket layout instead of a table. Due to the design decisions on the mobile viewport.
    • Attempted to build with Accessibility in mind, though this has not been fully tested.
    • Used bootstrap sizes for devices, and added those to a SCSS breakpoints file to allow for adjustments to be made
  • What you used to develop and test?

    • IntelliJ, local server run through npm run dev
    • SvelteKit, previous experience with Svelte, SvelteKit was a nice progression. I've wanted to try and use SvelteKit previously, this felt like a good time to attempt that
    • Typescript to help define types for variables to help prevent errors down the line
    • Playwright tests, used for E2E testing (would like to do more with this it's nice to use)
    • Chrome, Firefox and Edge locally tested
      • Using devtools device manager to help with viewport sizing
    • Browser Stack for testing in iOS and Android browsers
  • Time Spent (6 evenings and a Sunday @4-6hrs )

    Task Time (31h)
    Styling ~6h
    JavaScript ~15h
    Refactoring ~5h
    Research ~5h
  • What could be improved with the exercise

    • Updated tools, grunt relies on node-sass which has now been deprecated, @use not being supported was a hindrance.
    • Design files uploaded to Zeplin of Figma for those that can no access sketch files
    • Contrast of the blue on white appears to be a little low and could be improved

What did you think of this test/exercise?

It's an enjoyable exercise, there are a few gotchas hidden, that would raise questions regarding functionality. Assumptions made worked around those.

What did you like?

  1. I really enjoyed being able to add elements that I would not usually add into a project.
  2. The ability to have fun with the exercise.
  3. CSS's variables, I really don't get to use those enough.
  4. Creating something I don't usually work on had me really thinking about the approach I had to take.
  5. An excuse to do lots of research

What could be improved?

  1. Basket storage, currently based on a store, this could be added to local storage or an external api to allow a user to return to the basket at a later date.
  2. Refactoring / code consistency, some CSS classes could do with being improved. This is the same with the JavaScript names and methods.
  3. The quantity input, I think this could be better integrated with the basket store

What didn't you like?

  1. The menu modal popup
  2. Fetch of local assets, works fine for development but in the build files I ran into issues 🤦‍♂️ this was refactored to import locally. Was easily one of the parts I refactored multiple times.
    • Vite has the ability to import json files directly which redeemed this
  3. Svelte's inability to build files with exported types assigned to them (Typescript).

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