Svelte Ssr Bundle

Demo of using Svelte and Rollup to create a SSR bundle

svelte ssr bundling demo

Simple toy demo for sveltejs/svelte#196. Clone, then do this...

npm install
npm start

...then open localhost:3000.

How this works

First, we bundle shared/App.html. This gives us a module (server/build/app.js) which renders HTML. That module is used inside server/index.js to respond to requests with server-rendered HTML (and scoped CSS).

Then, we bundle client/app.js, which imports shared/App.html. By initialising the client-side app with different data than the server uses, we can (for example) indicate that the app is now interactive, by rendering stuff differently.


  • We don't yet have client-side hydration. The client-side app has to clear out the target element and recreate everything. That's not totally ideal
  • There's no client-side routing in this app. Would be easy enough to add in an ad-hoc way, but it might be nice to have a proper routing story, or maybe even a next.js-like framework

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