A <SplitPane> component.


  import { SplitPane } from '@rich_harris/svelte-split-pane';

  const dividerColor = 'black';
  const dividerThickness = '20px';

  <section slot="a">this is on the left</section>
  <section slot="b">this is on the right</section>

Of the properties that can be set on the component, only type is required:

  • type can be horizontal, in which case the panes will be split left-right, or vertical in which case it will be split top-bottom
  • id will be added to the element as a data-pane={id} attribute, allowing you to (for example) override the --pos CSS custom property on mobile
  • min, max and pos can be expressed as ${number}%, ${number}px, ${number}em or ${number}rem. Positive numbers are measured from the left/top, negative numbers are measured from the right/bottom
  • priority determines whether the min or max constraint wins in cases where they conflict
  • --color determines the color of the divider between panes, and defaults to transparent
  • --thickness determines how thick the 'hit area' is for the divider, and defaults to 8px

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