Slick Portfolio Svelte

Vercel-like style portfolio template for developers.

Slick Portfolio With Svelte.

Vercel-like style portfolio template for developers.

If you want to use the template as it is, you can :

  • update files in src/lib/data with your data.
  • update src/lib/index.scss for custom styling.
  • update static/favicon.ico to customize the tab's icon.

Feel free to explore and hack the template to your needs if you feel like it.

Before deploying to GitHub Pages:

  • make sure to change the base parameter in svelte.config.js.
  • make sure to update the target branch of the deploy.yml file, it is set to build from master branch by default.
  • Allow GitHub Pages in your repo settings with correct permissions:
    • Permissions:
      • go to your repo Settings > Actions > General
      • in Actions permissions : check Allow all actions and reusable workflows
    • Pages:
      • go to your repo's Settings > Pages
      • in Source section, select Deploy from a branch.
      • in Branch section, select gh-pages and / (root) and click on save

if you did all the above CORRECTLY, and no workflow was launched, try to push another commit (maybe an empty one), otherwise you can create an issue and link your repo.

Known issues:

  • Svelte no longer support node 14, use a newer version instead.

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