Eslint Plugin Svelte Runes

A collection of lint rules to enforce best practices and prevent footguns of Svelte 5 runes


This plugin intends to provide a collection of rules specifically tailored for enforcing correct and safe usage of Svelte 5 runes.

🚧 NOTE: This plugin is still in early development and is subject to breaking changes.

🎯 Why This Plugin?

This plugin proactively prepares for the upcoming Svelte 5 release by establishing rules for best practices and addressing the nuanced universal reactivity challenges between Svelte and non-Svelte code in js/ts files. While the official eslint-plugin-svelte may take time to support Svelte 5 and js/ts files, this plugin aims to fill that void.

📦 Installation

Using npm:

# Using npm
npm install eslint-plugin-svelte-runes --save-dev

# Using yarn
yarn add eslint-plugin-svelte-runes --dev

# Using pnpm
pnpm add -D eslint-plugin-svelte-runes

# Using bun
bun add eslint-plugin-svelte-runes --dev

🚀 Usage

Add eslint-plugin-svelte-runes to the plugins section of your .eslintrc configuration file:

    "plugins": ["eslint-plugin-svelte-runes"]

Then configure the rules you want to use under the rules section.

This plugin ships with a recommended configuration that sets up all the provided rules to their default values:

    "extends": ["plugin:eslint-plugin-svelte-runes/recommended"]

📜 Rules

Rule Name Description 💼
no-external-svelte-imports Disallow importing from .svelte.js/ts files outside of .svelte.js/ts files and .svelte files.
no-external-svelte-exports Disallow exporting directly from .svelte.js/ts files outside of .svelte.js/ts files.
no-external-rune-calls Disallow the usage of $derived(), $effect(), $state(), and $props() in non-Svelte files unless explicitly declared or imported.
no-effect-outside-components Disallow usage of the $effect rune outside of .svelte files.
no-props-outside-components Disallow usage of the $props rune outside of .svelte files.
no-direct-rune-assign Disallow the assignment of Svelte runes as object properties or direct variable assignments.
no-initialized-rune-exports Disallow the export of variables or values initialized with a Svelte rune CallExpression.
no-initialized-rune-return Disallow returning variables or values initialized with a Svelte rune directly from functions.
require-extensions Require using a full .svelte.js or .svelte.ts file extension, unless there is a component that exists as just .svelte.

🤝 Contributions

Contributions to eslint-plugin-svelte-runes are always welcome!

📄 License

eslint-plugin-svelte-runes is licensed under the MIT License.

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