Opinionated yet customizable Svelte-TailwindCSS component library

Svelte-TailwindCSS UI (STWUI) is currently in pre-release. There has been a lot work already but a lot of work still needs to be done. Most of my inspiration comes from TawilwindUI with a desire to create a component library similar to React component libraries that are less reliant on remembering class names. Contributors and collaborators welcome!

A showcase can be found at Documentation is still forthcoming but you can at least see the components being used.


  • Run npm install stwui
  • Add require('stwui/plugin') to the plugins section of your tailwind.config.cjs
  • Add './node_modules/stwui/**/*.{svelte,js,ts,html}' to the content array of your tailwind.config.cjs
module.exports = {
    content: [
    plugins: [

How to Contribute

  • Clone the project to your local machine: git clone MY-PROJECT-NAME && cd MY-PROJECT-NAME
  • Install dependancies with npm install
  • Start your dev server with npm run dev
  • Make changes, and submit your pull request.

šŸ“– The docs are included in this repo which is itself a SvelteKit app. You'll find the pages for each component within src/routes/.

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