Figma Plugin made with Svelte

This is an example repository for a tutorial: Creating a Figma Plugin with Svelte

It shows you how to use Svelte, TypeScript, and Rollup to build a plugin for Figma. The plugin fetches a random image from Unsplash and adds it to the canvas of the project.

You can also see a real world example of this stack at figma-theme-ui.

Usage as Template

If you want to use this example as a template for your own project, you can remove src/Input.svelte and manifest.json. Clear the contents of src/App.svelte and src/code.ts.

Go to a Figma project and right-click on the canvas to get the context menu. Go to Plugins => Development => New Plugin... . Then choose either the Design + Figjam or Design category. Then give it a name and choose the Empty preset. Save the manifest.json in the directory of this template. Change the main entry to dist/code.js and the ui entry to dist/ui.html.

Then, you can start the development server with:

yarn dev

Under the same context menu you now can run the example plugin.

Please see Figma Plugin DS Svelte for usage instructions on the components and CSS styles.

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