Lk Blog Sveltekit

A SvelteKit blog template with markdown rendering and dynamically imported images.

Rasal Blog

Just another blog, made with SvelteKit.
Just for my personal use or for anyone who wants to use it.
MIT License

Used technologies

  • SvelteKit web development, streamlined
  • SvelteKit adapter-static for static site generation
  • MDSvex for markdown rerndering
  • vite-Imagetools for image optimization
  • Svelte-DebugBar for debugging like in Laravel
  • Dark & Light Mode
  • Code Highlighting & copy to clipboard


  • Nested menu with endless depth, based on folder structure.
  • Grid of card with article excerpt and image, sortable by date, category, tags or tag.
  • Meta Tags for SEO

Files & Folder Structure

  • All articles are stored in src/articles as markdown files
  • The folder structre is just for grouping the articles and has no effect on the url
  • The file name of each article has to be
  • All article related images are stored in the same folder as the article
  • Routes for article ([...article]), tags ([t]) and categories ([c]).
  • Layout templates for articles are stored in src/lib/layouts.
  • They are defined in the frontmatter of the article and declared in mdsvex.config.js.

Data Structure

  • +layout.ts: reads all ì files inside the src/articles folder and creates an array of all articles meta data.
  • $ stores this array, so it can be used in any component.
  • +layout.svelte: is the main layout file and contains the header, footer and the main content.
  • +page.svelte: is the starting point for all pages and contains a welcome text and the grid of cards.
  • lib/Components/GridOfCards/Grid.svelte creates a nested array from the articles meta data, based on the folder structure and displays the cards (ArticleCard.svelte) as a grid.
    • The Grid-Component has a sort prop, which can be used to sort the cards by date, category, tags or tag.
  • [...article]/+page.ts: Uses the slug from the url to find the article in the ArticlesMetaData and imports the article content.
    • It returns ArticlesMetaData (all), ArticleMeta(current) and ArticleComponent(content).
  • +page.svelte: uses the ArticleComponent to render the article content and sends the ArticleMeta to <Meta /> to create the meta tags.
  • c/[category] and t/[tag] are almost identically. They use the category or tag from the url to filter the ArticlesMetaData and send the filtered array to <Grid /> to display the cards.
  • src/lib/layouts/default.svelte is the default layout and will be used for all pages, which don't have a layout defined in the frontmatter.


Required Frontmatter

  • published
  • layout
  • title
  • tags
  • category
  • description
  • excerpt
  • created
  • edited
  • imagePath
  • imageAlt
  • imageDescription

Generated Frontmatter

  • articlePath
  • articleSlug
  • articleUrl
  • imageUrl
  • siteName
  • siteUrl
  • author
  • authorTwitter


export type ArticleMetaData = {
    published: boolean;         // only published articles will be rendered
    layout?: string;            // default, Code, Planet, ...
    title: string;              // must be unique for each article
    author?: string;            // from blog.config.js
    authorTwitter?: string;     // from blog.config.js
    tags: string;               // comma separated
    description: string;        // short description for meta tags and hover
    excerpt: string;            // for GridOfCards
    created: any;               //
    edited?: any;               //
    imagePath: string;          // relative path to the image without dot: /Jupiter.jpg 
    imageUrl?: string;          // for meta tags
    imageAlt: string;           // for meta tags
    imageDescription: string;   // for meta tags and hover
    articlePath?: string;       // generated: /src/articles/Code/
    articleSlug?: string;       // generated from title
    articleUrl?: string;        // generated: for meta tags
    siteName?: string;          // from blog.config.js
    siteUrl?: string;           // from blog.config.js
    // category: string;        // not used yet

export type GridSort = 'Recent' | 'Category' | 'Tag' | 'Tags';

export type ArticleMetaSorted = {
    sorted: GridSort;
    articles: ArticleMetaData[];
const images = import.meta.glob('../example/path/*.png', {
    query: { width: '100,200,300' },
    eager: true,

return {
    image: images[`../example/path/${myVar}.png`]?.default || null,

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