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Hello! This is the source code for my website. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Building, deploying and hosting

The build command (from package.json) is simply:

npm run build

You can run npm run build locally to generate the static files. That will result in a build folder you can upload anywhere a static site can be hosted.

Use npm run preview after a build to preview the built site locally.

Adding new posts

Adding new posts is as simple as dropping a new .md file into src/lib/posts. New posts will automatically show up on the site, be added to the posts API, and any category pages.

A few demo Markdown posts are included, and highlight some of the features of this starter. These demo posts can be updated or removed, but it may be best to use one as a starting point, just for the frontmatter properties.

If you want to use other frontmatter properties in the template (or just modify the layout), make changes in src/routes/blog/[post]/+page.svelte.

⚠️ Note: posts should have a date and an excerpt defined in the fronmatter. They're sorted by date, and use excerpt in page meta tags (for SEO, social sharing, etc.) There are also other frontmatter properties used to enhance the site experience, like the coverWidth and coverHeight, which are used in the template to reserve space for the image, minimizing cumulative layout shift.

The starter will still work without date properties in your posts, but the sorting won't be right. Similarly, you can have posts without an excerpt, but your SEO/social previews will be sub-optimal.

Also: while there's no link to it by default, /blog/category exists as an archive of all your post categories.


Pagination automatically kicks in once you have more posts than the postsPerPage option in src/lib/config.js. This means you won't see the pagination right away unless you either change postsPerPage to a very low number, or add several more Markdown files to the src/lib/posts folder.

Note: both the normal /blog feed and the category feeds at /category/[category] are automatically paginated.



Originally based off of https://github.com/josh-collinsworth/sveltekit-blog-starter with lots of modifications.

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