Static Site Generator using Svelte (experimental)

🍬 Sveet

An experimental Static Site Generator using Svelte.

Why Sveet ?

The first reason is because I want to benefit from compilation just like Svelte does. However, Sapper, the Svelte framework endorsed by the community did not take that route and exports static files by crawling your website.

I'd like to find out what kind of benefit can come from something that behaves more like a standard SSG.

The second reason is because building front-end tools is what I do for a living and I want to learn more about Svelte that feels like a very promising direction for the javascript frameworks.


  • Great performance (small JS footprint, fast transitions)
  • Great audits (build reports, tips for improving the app)
  • Great UX (how can we reuse Svelte's built in animations?)
  • Great DX (as easy to setup as possible, fast builds)
  • Scalable? (How far can we go? How many pages? For how long? Incremental builds?)


  • Sapper
  • Next
  • Nuxt
  • Gatsby
  • Eleventy


  • Svelte
  • Rollup


I'm open to contributions even though there is no canvas yet regarding the code. I'd be more than happy to collaborate around this project and have more people contributing.

The only rule for now is not to be a jerk. Drive your actions to make this place a better place. I'll be especially careful when it comes to discrimination of any kind. This includes gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, race and religion.

If you notice offensive behaviors related to Sveet, its contributors (including me) or community, feel free to reach out.

The web should be open and welcoming. Let's do this.

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