Svelte Portfolio Clone

A clone (basically) of my professional-portfolio repo built with Svelte instead of React/NextJS



home page snapshot

Things I learned:

  • Svelte routing
  • Using <slot/> in Svelte to persist across routes
  • Svelte's {#each ___ as __} loop and {#if} conditional rendering setup
  • How to build a custom image carousel from scratch
  • The +layout.svelte and +page.svelte system
  • Deploying a Svelte app with Netlify
  • What it takes to convert even a small site to another framework
  • How to show deployment status

Challenges I faced while building this:

  1. Svelte is a good bit different when you've only used React
  2. Building that carousel
  3. Creating a modal from scratch
  4. Handling all the A11y errors/warnings to maximize accessibility
  5. Getting the nav links to color switch properly using the $page object

Tech I used:

Things I'm proud of:

  • It only took me one real day of working to complete this
  • Tailwind is like second nature already
  • I'm crazy proud of that carousel on the /works page
  • Catching on to a new framework so easily and quickly made me feel like maybe I understand this coding stuff more than I give myself credit for
  • The color scheme is good on the original and the clone while remaining unique to themselves
  • It's fully responsive, which used to be a struggle for me.

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