Playground Monorepo

playground monorepo with nextjs, react(vite), svelte(vite) web applications based on pnpm workspace


monorepo for Front End Developer's playground

This repository is a monorepo built on top of pnpm workspace. It contains projects that I use to test and learn various web development frameworks.

Projects in the repository

  • Four front-end projects and one back-end project exist inside apps directory.

Project description

  • `nextjs-playground``: playground based on Next.js 13 and React 18
  • `vite-react-playground``: Web UI component playground based on Vite and React 18
  • `svelte-kit-playground``: playground using Svelte Kit
  • `nest-server``: backend playground with a server based on nestjs (no progress yet)

How to run projects


  1. Download pnpm and turbo on your local machine
  2. Run the pnpm i --frozen-lockfile command to install the dependency.
    •   pnpm i --frozen-lockfile
  3. Check package.json scripts in project's root directoriy to find out how to start each playground project
    • Start nextjs playground dev server
          pnpm dev-nextjs
    • Start uivite(react) playground storybook
          pnpm storybook-uivite

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