An application to create and share web contexts, with read/write permissions.

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The smart way to keep your links organized and accessible from anywhere.

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Webmarks helps users keep track of important links and resources in one place. With the ability to create custom folders and save notes for each link, users can easily categorize and access their saved links according to their preferences. Webmarks simplifies the process of managing online resources and boosts productivity by saving time and effort in searching for links. Overall, Webmarks is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to streamline their online research and organization.

Technologies Used πŸ§‘πŸΎβ€πŸ’»

Frontend Svelte, DaisyUi, TailwindCss, Svelte Icons Pack
Backend Firebase Firestore

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Project Maintainers πŸ› 

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Shreyashka Patel

Web Developer
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Bhargav Modak

Web Developer

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